How to plan a budget – friendly wedding

Now that you have a rough idea of your budget, let’s learn how to plan a budget-friendly wedding. Even though your wedding is on budget, it doesn’t mean it won’t be exceptionally beautiful. There are many ways to make adjustments to your wedding expenses without risking quality. Here are some ideas to help you throw a budget-friendly and unforgettable wedding.

Tell your family in advance

You should make a clear announcement of your exact budget and your commitment to stick to it. Making your family understand your situation will help ease the situation without causing conflicts.

Choose an off-season month

For some couple summer seems to be the perfect time to tie the knot or for some winter. However, you need to keep in mind that many people think the same way, causing summer or Winter the most expensive rates for weddings. So, if time isn’t a big priority, try to pick an off-season month instead depending on the place you have decided to get married.

Take an all-inclusive package

Some venues have all-inclusive packages that include all the important wedding needs such as the decoration, entertainment, catering. Choosing a package like this can be cheaper than having separate vendors. But remember, you can’t be too picky as you won’t be able to choose a specific vendor to hire. You can look for clubs which normally have open grounds; some also have their own kitchen & Bar. If you have your relatives or friends holding membership in the club, then you may get discount and make use of the kitchen & bar facility.

Ask for helping hands

Maybe your friends are in a band or has contacts with DJ, or your relative can help you arrange the wedding catering, or your friends are just really good at makeup and hair-styling or can refer or arrange for a beautician. You can always make the best of your connections or ask around for some people that can help in your wedding.

Get an off-the-rack wedding dress

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a designer dress, you can opt for an off-the-rack dress or a lovely dress that’s on sale. If your family has a wedding dress handed down through generations, you can have a beautiful and personal wedding dress with only a few alterations. Nowadays, there are wedding gowns are available for cheap online, where you can customize it or order directly using their measurement guide.

DIY whenever possible

As long as it won’t overwhelm you, try making some wedding items yourself and ask your family and friends to help out. Things that you can try to DIY are wedding invitations, wedding signs, simple wedding centerpieces, also favors and gifts, Ring pillow, Flower basket, boutonniere’s, head wreath, decoration for Church aisle, Arch & Unity candle. Do some research and get some ideas from wedding blogs and Pinterest.

Build your own bar

Alcoholic drinks will definitely cost you a lot. Instead of buying those from your venue where the prices are marked up and you need to pay corkage, you can opt for a place that allows you to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Consider an outdoor venue or your own house for your Pre-Wedding celebrations

If you have a very small gathering for your Pre-Wedding celebrations, if you or your relatives happen to have a house with a wide backyard or garden, why not consider having your Pre- wedding celebrations there? It’s convenient, flexible, and will trim the most expensive thing on your budget.

Price shop your decorations

Decoration can be a major expense in a wedding. You can save money by choosing a DIY route if you’re planning a small wedding, find second-hand decoration online, or find a venue that’s already beautiful enough without needing a lot of decoration.

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