Wedding day & Reception – The traditional way

I hope you have read the previous section on the Mangalorean traditional weddings. Today i would like to share with you all about the Church ceremony. When and how does the wedding ceremony start?

Wedding ceremony starts from home. There is a timeline for each program that is followed and the same is shared with the Master of ceremony (MC) so that everyone is on the same page and the whole functions ends smoothly. It is very important to share and communicate even a minute detail to the MC so that he or she can plan the programme will and on time.

So when we say that the wedding ceremony starts at home, the Bridegroom / Bride and their family would pray before leaving the house. The prayer is normally carried out by the head of the family or any senior member of society or priest. Usually prayer involves the Introduction prayer, the ‘Our Father’, Hail Mary & Glory prayer followed by a short prayer & the Concluding hymn. After the prayer family members bless the bride/bridegroom.

Now the Bride / Bride groom along with family members drive to the Church. Once they reach the church, the Best man will open the door for the Bridegroom; likewise the Bridesmaid for the Bride. As the Bride steps at the church entrance, the Best man greets the Bride with a friendly hug and handover the Bridal bouquet to her. From here it is time for the Nuptial mass or the Church Ceremony. Normally, reception is followed soon after the nuptials. So, it could be Nuptial in the morning followed by lunch or Nuptial in the evening followed by dinner.

If the Reception is followed after the Nuptial, the newly wedded couple go for a short drive or for their photographs. They will arrive at the reception venue as per time planned and when they arrive, the relatives would stand in the entrance of the venue to greet them. To celebrate the event, the first thing on the agenda would be the cake cutting. While the caterers would be ready to serve cake and wine to all gathered guests, the Toast Master will greet the new wedding couple.

During the toast, the Bridegroom and the Best man would stand and so would the men of the Bridegrooms family. The toast master would introduce both the family members to all making them more familiar. Also, he would provide his expert advice and guidance for life based on his experience.  After the speech, toast master will clinch his glass with couple’s glasses and so the Toast is raised for the newly wedded couple.

Now here is the best, after the words of gratitude, it is the time for the newly wedded couple’s first wedding dance. But before the dance, there is a wedding march which is never missed out and brings heat on the floor. After the first dance, all relatives and friends are invited by MC to join the couple on the dance floor.

The adorning of the Bride with a traditional saree called as “SADO” and jewellery is also the important tradition followed. The Bride is accompanied by the bridegroom’s mother or elder sisters and other ladies of the family and takes the bride for changing from white gown or saree to the lush Red or Maroon colour Sado, while for youth; it’s a time of enjoyment.

When the bride is ready, she is brought back by the ladies of the Bridegroom to the hall and the Bridegroom greets her and walks her to the stage. The next ceremony would be to put the wedding necklace (Mangalasutra / Kariyamani) on your bride’s (rightly wife) neck and exchange the garlands. Bride’s parents would give gift to groom and groom’s parents would give gift to bride. Later, both parents would exchange bouquet to each other.  There is a program called ‘Maaichi Mudhi’, where the bride’s mother blesses the bridegroom with a ring.

And finally the Giving Away Ceremony, this is a traditional ceremony as well where the Bride’s family would give away their daughter to a new family while groom’s family would receive the bride with a promise of keeping her happy (in Konkani called as Opsun divnchen). As a concluding of this part, we would sing ‘laudate dominum’

After this ceremony the guest are invited for Lunch/dinner or alternatively they may wish the couple.

While lunch/dinner is served and guests are engaged wishing the newly wedded couple, the MC calls the youth and family to enjoy the famous dance; the Baila dance is so famous in Mangalore. You don’t want to miss that. Along with that there is one more wedding dance. This is followed by chairing the couple. This is such a fun moment of the wedding, where the couple is been lifted on a chair and they are made to kiss each other while the youngsters make their best to pull them apart.

Well with all this we now have reached the conclusion of the wedding. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this and would want to be a part of the next Mangalorean wedding if you have a chance. So, keep following me and like my page if you have enjoyed reading my blog and please do not forget to comment.



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