Ray of Hope

“Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.” – Langston Hughes, poet.

Desmond Tutu said, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness. “It whispers, you’ll overcome this hardship”. It treasures us, soothing our minds by reminding, ” life will improve”.

Our team of four was called by our CEO today and he had to make us a revelation. A revelation that would leave us all devastated. We were asked to leave the Company as the Board had decided to cut down on all the expenses. We have no choice. But somewhere deep inside I know that God is by my side and he will fight my fight and everything is going to fall back in place. God will lift me up and I will get up and stand tall again.

Our lives are infused with pain and suffering. Some people experience more of it and some less. Yet, we can overcome hardship with hope. Hope provides us strength to conquer misery and despair caused by misfortune, perhaps an unforeseen job loss when you’ve always put your best foot forward, given your one hundred percent integrity and been working for the Company’s progress.

According to Charles R Snyder, a psychologist, hope includes three elements: a belief, a goal, and a path. The person who is hopeful believes that he or she will succeed. Secondly, the person has a goal and thirdly, knows the route to take to achieve the desired outcome.

No one said it is going to be easy. It’s difficult. It’s always trying and trying one more time.

I see a ray of hope shining right in front of me and yes, I know that it’s just the matter of time and its all going to pass. God will provide and I’m going to wait for his time and then I will spread my wings and fly again….there’s still hope in me.


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