Planning a Budget Wedding? Here are some do’s & don’ts that you need to know

Every wedding be it a budget or luxury wedding, needs a detailed planning. Before you start planning, check out my list of the dos and don’ts of budget wedding planning.

The Do’s:

Know what to spend on: Although you want to keep your wedding budget reasonable, make sure you spend on a few essential needs like food & drinks, return gifts, DJ, photographer / Videographer, Wedding invitations..

Opt for a daytime wedding: A daytime wedding gives you the benefits of natural lighting that can help you get beautiful wedding pictures & also does not require more or extra lightings at the venue.

Ask for a discount: Do not hesitate to ask for a discount when you pay in full. Compare your rates with other options you have and decide on your own which will benefit you best.

Be flexible when choosing venues: Sometimes indoor weddings are cheaper than the outdoor weddings or vise versa. Look for alternative spaces & options, who can give you better flexibility, unique settings, and most importantly lower rates. You can start by exploring clubs.

The Don’ts:

Don’t be afraid to negotiate: Everyone always wants to get the best deal, so you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate the price lists you get from vendors, but you have to remember to do it right.

Choose weekday for your wedding: As we mentioned before, Saturday is the most expensive day to get married.

Overlook small details: Personalized wedding print-outs are small yet can add up quickly before you even notice. We recommend DIY wedding elements as a great alternative which also add a lovely personal touch for your wedding.