Mumbai truely a city that never sleeps

I remember dad used to take us to Mumbai during our school holidays. My memories about Mumbai have faded. Yet can still remember the train, Bus, Taxi and the horse cart ride, the Juhu beach, the local street shopping etc.,. But its been soo many years since my visit and I’m sure there must be soo many changes.

My husband and I were planning to visit Mumbai as we had not seen our grandmother after our wedding and she was waiting to see us. I was fortunate as my visa was due for renewal at the same time and my husband decided that I visit Mumbai and spend some time for myself.

Thanks to my husband, I took my first Emirates flight to Mumbai. Emirates flight departures are from Terminal 3 of the Dubai Airports. The airport is just awesome. I had to take the metro line to get to the flight! Now isn’t that cool. For me, it really is as it was my first time 🙂

I enjoyed my first flight with some delicious meal on board, comfortable seating and entertainment. Landing at Mumbai was also an awesome experience because it was my first time to land in the renovated Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport.

Just loved the structure and the interiors. Must say incredible work done. Too Good.

The weather is too hot in April and I could feel the heat already. I was just a little lost looking at the crowd outside the arrivals but as soon as I saw my aunt and niece I was glad I was in safe hands. We went for a stroll outside the same evening and I could not resist myself as the smell of the food from the nearby street vendors was soo tempting. We tasted the Wada Pav, Wada Bhajji’s and the refreshing sugar cane juice and it was really delicious.

Next day we woke up early and started exploring the city. The first place I personally wanted to visit was the famous St. Michael’s Church Mahim and from there we visited the Crawford market. Next day we visited the Thane area, Kanjur Marg area, VT, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Marine Drive, Nariman Point. Boat ride & the Horse cart drive at the Thane Thalab was an amazing experience. Felt like I was living my childhood days.

My husband out of the blue gave us a surprise visit next day early morning. He was at the door! It was such a pleasant surprise. What more could I ask for? I was feeling soo happy and blessed. Also, my brother along with his lovely wife and kiddo came over to visit us all the way from Pune and it was soo heart whelming to meet them after soo long.

Travelling by train was a very good experience. I also used the local  Taxi and Auto Rickshaw to travel to nearby places. I saw the struggle people take to get to their destinations by train. And it just left me startled. Someone in that crowd mentioned, “If you want to get into or out of a train during peak hours, all you have to do is just stand near the entrance, the crowd is soo large that you are automatically forced to step in or out”. Now isn’t that scary but yes, people do travel by train on a daily basis. They are often seen hanging near the door or sometimes the just jump in or out of the running train. and I feel that they are soo used to travelling like this, that it does not matter to them. All they need is to just get to their destination and on time.

It feels really sad to see some vendors who are old, disabled and even young pregnant ladies come inside the train to sell some of their own grown vegetables or some sell accessories and flowers.

For a minute I could not imagine myself in that situation and all the struggle some people take to earn their living, travel a distance to get to their work places and back home. Wonder what if I was in that position and I really thank God for all the blessings.

Well my two weeks of holiday was almost coming to an end. Time just flies specially when you are on a holiday and you really wish that time goes really slow. Deep inside I wished I could spend a little more time. However, I’ve left Mumbai with a promise to be back soon & to be able to spend more time with my family,  enjoy another season, taste more of the street food, visit malls and go crazy with lots of shopping.

Check the link below if you wish to know more about the places I’ve mentioned in my post.


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