Quick Recipe


Its one of those lazy Friday mornings when I just don’t want to get out of bed and to my pleasant surprise my husband all energetic says, “I will make breakfast for us today”. It really feels good when you have someone by your side to pamper you as you start your day :).

So, he starts by heating up the pan, then by adding some butter, he slides in the roughly chopped garlic in to the pan. When the garlic is slightly fried, he then adds in the thinly chopped onions and sautes it till it is golden brown. Then goes in the tomatoes which are roughly chopped into small pieces. Once the tomatoes are done, he then adds in the chilli flakes, turmeric powder and salt and stir in nicely. He covers the pan with a lid for about 5 minutes.

After 5 mi20170519_094449nutes, make space in the pan by pushing the puree to the sides and gently breaks the eggs in with the sunny side up and lets them cook on for like 10 minutes with the lid covering the pan. So here’s what it looks like when it is done 🙂

Ingredients used are:

3 Eggs

2 tomatoes

1 large onion

3 flakes of garlic

Red chilly flakes or chilly powder as per taste

A pinch of turmeric powder

Some butter

Salt to taste

Garnish it with some mozzarella cheese and serve it hot with toasted bread. So while we are enjoying our special breakfast, make sure you try this with your own twist and please do share it with me in the comment box below.