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My Craft day

Its Monday morning and I feel that the day is too long. Maybe because I’m not used to sitting idle and I just want to keep myself busy so that I don’t get caught up with weird thoughts running in my mind and then I end up being stresses and this is when I find these foam boards sitting on my kitchen shelf and the urge of doing something out of it just flashes my mind 🙂

If you don’t know which foam covers I’m talking about, well if you have seen in any grocery or supermarkets you get some vegetables and meat packed in these foam plates which come in different sizes, shapes and color. I had a few of the collected not sure what I was going to do with it.

So today is my craft day, my foam boards are black in color so the first thing I did was painted it white using some acrylic paint. Its best to use the emulsion paint but since I did not have it in hand I used acrylic white. I let it dry and in the meanwhile I took the aluminium foil and folded it into as many folds as possible so I could cut a leaf shape out of it. Once I cut, I slowly separated the sheet one by one gently.

My paint has dried and now I used the white PVA school white glue to stick the foil leaves to the foam and then let it dry. For some color, I painted the foil too…

So the end result was good and it made me happy. My friends asked me if I could post the video of the DIY but unfortunately, I just started doing this project just like that and had no intention of making a video of it. Hope the details given above help readers to come up with your own ideas and create something new using best out of waste.

Please do share your DIY ideas in my comment box below, so that I too can learn and inspire. Do like and share my page to your friends and family. Till I write my next, keep smiling and God Bless !