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Love for Cars

We were travelling to a nearby place by metro and my husband happened to pick up this magazine displayed in the metro station.

He just loved one particular picture in there and that’s his all time favourite, which is Cars. We brought the magazine home and I knew that his eyes has caught up with one particular picture and hence I really wanted to do something out of it. I soo much wanted to put it on a canvas and or mod podge it onto a wooden frame but since I did not have anything ready in hand and I wanted to do it right away the only thing that suddenly caught my hand was the foam cover.

Form craftThe black foam was perfectly fitting the picture so I just decided to paint it grey in the middle and then I used the PVA school white glue to stick the picture onto the foam. I had some very little of the glitter glue.

Again I have not done any video of this project because it was a surprise for my husband and I just did it like that. I would really like to do another project on a canvas shortly and will definitely make a video and share it.

So evening my husband came home and was really amazed with the craft on the wall and he just loved it. I hope my craft idea inspires you to make something of your own. Please do share your craft ideas in my comment box below. Would love to try them too.

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