I am soo tired and exhausted so, I say my night prayers and I’m off to bed. It’s dark and suddenly I see some light and then the clouds all around me. I can literally touch them. I’m scared of heights but this is an amazing feeling. I can feel butterflies in my stomach as I’m flying down but wait a minute. Do I really have wings? God I’m flying!

I can see my home from a distance. I flew right over our garden and I said to myself, “Oh, I miss home soo much and this is where I really wanted to be”. I saw the Mango tree where we had our ropes tied and used to swing all day long. Then I saw mamma’s sarees tied across the branches of the trees where we built our own tents and played marbles and teacher student game. It was fun!. Then my favourite Cocoa, Gooseberry, Jackfruit, Coconut and many other trees. The roses which mom and I had planted were all dried up. I wonder if anyone’s home but I still wanted to spend some more time admiring the place where I played all day long with my friends and my siblings. Places where I’ve fallen down and bruised my hands and legs. But its been long and I haven’t seen mom and dad yet. Wonder if they are home so I could just hug them tight before I left. Cause I know I don’t have much time. Maybe my situation is just like Cinderella 🙂

I was just about to knock the door and I hear the loud noise of something vibrating. Uff, not now! I go back to the door again and call mom shout out loud saying, “Mom, I’m home!”. Again I hear the same vibrating noise and its off suddenly. I can hear the Sparrows chirping by the window where I used to sit and do my home work but I still can’t see mom. I feel like there is a earthquake and everything is shaking around me and then I hear someone calling me loud, “wake up! wake up! we’re late”!. I just felt I was falling off right from there and screaming because I hate heights. I suddenly opened my eyes with a scream and saw my husband right in front of my face shaking me. Hahahaha! I woke up with a freight…

I somehow managed to prepare his breakfast and lunch and sent him off to work on time. While he kissed me goodbye, he asked me, “what were you muttering all night and why did you scream?”. I just smiled at him and said, “I flew home… 🙂

Its when you are staying apart from your family, your parents specially, people that you love and care and feel they were around you is when you really know how much you miss them. Times that you really want to just give them a hug or when you just want them to hold your hand and want to hear them say, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine!”.  Well, it was just a dream but I really wish, pray and hope that it will be a reality. I miss you Mom and Dad. Hope to see you soon!