How to use makeup brushes correctly

What Constitutes a Good Makeup Brush?

A great makeup brush needs to make applying makeup easy. It MUST be soft, flexible, durable, clean up well, be balanced and finally, look good. Most importantly the quality of hair must not be compromised or the brush will not remain consistent

• Blending brushes for eye shadow, contouring, blusher and powder need to be soft and flexible.

• Detail brushes for lips, concealing, eye lining or eyebrow filling need to be precise and springy.

• Application brushes for foundation, whether cream or liquid, need to be soft flexible and luxurious.

What’s the deal with using Brush Cleaner?

Consider your makeup brush to be like your hair, and then imagine how your hair (and you) would react to cleaning it with those chemicals.

The Goat Milk Brush Shampoo cleans, conditions and restores your makeup brushes like no other, and is made under the eco friendly conditions possible.

It is made from combined vegetable oils, tea tree oil, goat milk and young coconut milk.

Make-up Brushes & Tools

Foundation Brush: Apply foundation on nose, forehead & cheek & sweep outward towards the hairline for smooth application. 


Powder Brush: Dust your bristles across your face to evenly apply powder for a less intense colour that won’t smudge your foundation. 


Blush: Dab into the product, tapping the excess off, & apply in long strokes up towards the apples of your cheek. 


Eye Liner: Drag from the inner corner of the eye & work your way out using short feathery strokes for precise application. Shop Now


Eye Shadow: Using a windshield-wiper motion apply eye shadow across your eyelids. Shop Now


Lip Brush: Dab the bristles of the brush onto the lipstick or gloss & line the lips. Take more product & fill in the rest of the lips. Repeat for an intense pout. Shop Now



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